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SPC #6 - with kids

Obligatory? Cliche? Ask me if I care.


It cannot be coincidence that all the best photos of me, my favorites, with my best smiles -- the vast majority of them also include one (or both) of my children. When I want to give a Real Smile for a photo -- I imagine I'm looking at them.

spc - awm

The long ago webpage we had for her, had the subtitle: Our Sweetness and Light.

spc - bam2

It is something of a miracle that I can even survive each day, faced with this cuteness. (Do you know he protects his big sister from oh so dreaded bugs? I could die.)


See more self portraits with someone here.

Love the Flickrtoys Mosaic Maker. Can you spot and guess the surprise? Stay tuned. (But no, I'm not pregnant....)

Fantastic pictures!

Oh... and I just love the Flickr toys mosaic maker. It is at the very tippy top of my favorites. LOL!

Love all the pictures with the bright smiling faces. I think I smile the best when I am with my kids too!

Love the pictures! I guess I'm going to have to start a Flickr account now too. Oh the things you get me hooked on! LOL!

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