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face painting

And now for something completely trivial. Because I still love Verymom, I will now do her meme: what's in your make-up bag.

The secret behind the photo: this is not as typical as you might think. This is the first makeup I have bought (or worn, for that matter, with the exception of weddings) for more than five years. Crazy, no? I've never been much into makeup, was uninterested/intimidated by it in high school, and then of course I never felt I knew "how" to wear it, and it always took so long to put on, because I'd had no practice. Anyway, recently, in an effort to show a little more care for my physical self, it occured to me that it was a skill I might want someday. Not to mention it's just nice to get a little fancy sometimes. It also occurred to me that all the makeup I owned, besides being buried somewhere in the nether reaches of Under the Sink, was 6+ years old. With the screech of various magazine headlines (breeding ground for bacteria! replace every year!) running through my head, I figured I should perhaps start afresh. But simple. Maybe a little lipstick? That became a few extras, but I told myself I only had to wear the lipstick to start with...

All items are Covergirl unless otherwise noted. This is not so much because I am a marketer's dream as because I am easily overwhelmed. Thank goodness I thought before going into Target, "I think I'll try looking at Covergirl to start with," because otherwise I might have run screaming from the store. TOO. MANY. CHOICES. (Even if you limit yourself to one brand.) And, how hard is it to pick colors? How am I supposed to know what it's actually going to look like, let alone how it'll look ON ME??


The items:
  1. Boring bag -- temporary.
  2. TruBlend pressed powder, "translucent fair." Why did no one tell me before about powder? And how you could use it instead of foundation? Well, sort of. Whatever. You can tell I still don't know what I'm talking about in the whole realm of makeup.
  3. CG concealer stick, fair. Why does it look disturbingly like lipstick? But highly useful.
  4. Chestnut eyeliner. I am not very good at putting on eyeliner. A more convenient mirror situation in my bathroom would probably help. My first Halloween in college I dressed as a gypsy during the day -- I wanted to wear heavy eyeliner, so I went down to the resident goth guy down the hall and had him help me apply it. Since he'd certainly had WAY more practice than me.
  5. Eyeshadow, "shimmering sands." Oh excuse me, it says Eye Enhancers. Good grief. It sparkles a bit.
  6. Mascara. CG Super Thick Lash black-brown. I'm not sure if I hate THIS mascara, or just mascara generally. I always seem to poke myself in the eye -- but only the left.
  7. Just an extra brow/lash brush I got to try to help the mascara situation. (It's come apart into two pieces, but actually that kinda makes it easier to use.) What I really need is an eyelash curler -- the thought of which annoys me, but... my lashes are long, but pale on the ends, and stick out all over instead of curling neatly like, oh say, my brother's. So unfair.
  8. A cotton ball for blending. I have makeup sponges, but they're with my scrapbooking chalk. I must appropriate a few.
  9. SoftLips, cherry, spf 20.
  10. CG lip gloss, wetslicks crystals "the one" color. (How is that a color?) It smells kinda nice.
  11. Plain ol' lipstick, "bronzed peach." A bit too orange for me, I think; when I first wore it I thought, need something more pink, or purple.
  12. The extra cap to the lipstick. WHY? And more to the point, why do I keep it?
  13. Lipliner (Outlast Smoothwear), plum.
  14. I like this lipstick: Outlast lipcolor. It stays on pretty well, first the color, then the overcoat, that feels really wet, but I like it. "Plum luminescence" I believe is the color -- my husband made the final decision, and it's exACTLY right.
No blush. (My cheeks seem always too flushed anyway, in social situations.) No plain foundation. (I don't really like it, I'm hoping I can avoid it for a while.) Wish me luck on my journey back into makeup. And does anyone have any suggestions for mascara? Or (something I'm toying with), a line/lines of organic makeup?

Whoo! I know, my son calls it "lipstick for your eyes". Finally, in a sea of sephora & mac cosmetics lovers, a soul mate. Hooray for drugstore makeup!

I'm also a big fan of pressed powder -- I don't feel quite so much like a wax statue with it (as compared to foundation).

As for mascara -- I use (and like) Maybelline's Lash Discovery (with the mini-brush) in Brownish Black. For us blonde girls it's not so noticeably black, and the mini-brush seems to make it a bit smoother and less noticeable. More natural looking.

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