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SPC #10 - balance

Self Portrait Challenge, Oct. '06 - imperfection, week 4

I am way too good at singleminded focus, at least in certain situations. And I'm terrible at giving appropriate time to each part of my life.

An old friend of mine says, "Juggling IS balance." I'm not sure if this is technically true, but it might be a useful metaphor. Wearing multiple hats, keeping all the balls in the air, balancing work and play and family and all that other stuff ... it's a goal I want.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to juggle -- literally or figuratively.

But I want to learn. And hopefully with a sense of humor.


you are too funny!

You are very funny! One of the things that sorta bothers me about most of the Self Portrait challnge pics, is that everyone is so serious. A self portrait should give some insight into the type of person you are (IMO), and surely not everyone is a serious and introspective as all those dark shadowy portraits would have you believe. In your portraits here, I get the sense that I know a little bit about who you are. And while you seem to be a pretty crappy juggler, you are pretty good at self-expression. Thanks!

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