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SPT #1 - Enclosed (in the covers)

My first time doing the Self Portrait Challenge (SPC). The challenge for August is "enclosed spaces." This here is the first thing I thought of -- remember when you were a kid, reading with a flashlight under the covers? (Next time I'll try using an actual flashlight.)

writing under the covers

This is my fav.


reading under the covers

caught in the act

stop reading over my shoulder

Nice pictures!

I soooo smiled looking at these! I remember very well hiding beneath the sheets with a flashlight to help me read late at nite.

wow! ehat a super first spc!! i do indeed remember those reading under cover days, my mom used to tell me i'd go blind reading without enough light

Dang, this is exactly the idea I'd planned to use for next week! Back to the drawing board...

Cool photos!

aw, too fun! and we do always wrap ourselves up in bed at the end of the day (I LOVE my bed. it's unhealthy...)

great shots, look forward to seeing more of your work!

I really enjoyed that, much less dark than many of these I've seen. I frequently read or write under the covers on my PDA. It's so bright. I don't want to wake up the dude.

These are great Sam. Don't you love those challenges? One of these days I will be brave enough to post them on my blog. :)

Those are great photos! Very cool.

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