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my little writing group

Maybe I should call it MLYG for short? But of course lower case: mlyg. Friendlier that way.

I'm now a moderator of a yahoogroup, wahoo. After experiencing such a surge in scrapbooking production, largely thanks to the groups I'm on, especially my local one, I decided I needed to apply the principle to my other big creative love, writing. So I've started a group called Daily Writing. I'm keeping it small, only about 15 members, but check it out -- if you're interested you can apply for membership, there's room yet. There aren't any big requirements: just committment to writing at least 15 minutes a day (well, okay, 5 days a week; at least you only have to post five days a week), and responding briefly (and supportively) to your fellow members. You can write anything you like: freewrite, poetry, a current project, memoir, creative non-fiction, whatever.

In fact, here's part of my daily write for today - a list of things at my (computer) writing area:
-disgruntled abominable snowman on the wall, next to quote from last year’s NaNoWriMo: “Never mind the yetis.” –Chris Baty
-also on the wall: a Tower of London souvenir, dip pen with a metal nib and a feather quill end (see how much harder it COULD be to write? quitcher whining)
-a pile of little stuffed animals in a basket. two rabbits, five kittens, a dragon, a sloth, an anteater and my knitted fox stole.
-my current writing notebook (#28) and two old ones
-reading log journal, little hardbound bookcloth covered, khaki colored with a design: printed circles of colored pins, pink, green, blue, purple, white, yellow. reminds me of scrapbook paper
-tape dispenser
-three hole punch
-wooden pennywhistle that needs to go back in its case
-stack of writing books (reference in setting up group)
-three packages of index cards, unopened
-Dinnertime pop-up book
-roll of string
-peach jar full of change (savings for fancy camera)
-plastic sunflowers in pencil cup
-other debris
Nothing like a little concrete detail to ground you, make you feel a little better.

And here's two guiding quotes for the group:

“There is no excuse. If you want to write, write. This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait. Make the time now, even if it is ten minutes once a week.” – Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind

“What makes someone a writer? Writers write. Creative writers write and cultivate creativity. The urge to tell a story or shape a poem is a calling. To act on that urge is to answer that calling.” – Bonni Goldberg

Girl, do you EVER SLEEP? hehe... You are busy writting, scrapbooking, blogging, going to workshops, doing scrapbooking swaps and challenges.... and you have a husband and two young children. I love the photos you are posting. Very creative! Keep it up! You give me hope.

Great blog! Love all of your photos. I would definitely like to become a better writer!

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