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my croppy weekend

Ha ha. I am a title-ing GENIUS.

This weekend I was at two scrapbook crops (seems like I always do multiple ones in a single weekend... why?). The first, my friend Nancy's CM crop: I forgot the paper for my current "cropping out" project, so I just played with her dies the whole time I was there, Sizzix and Quickutz. Here's some results:

The reindeer is a QK die, one which I very much doubt I am going to purchase. It's rather involved, though the result is very adorable. (And I must say after the first one it got easier to assemble.) However, though I like the look of this paper piecing type thing sometimes, I'm not sure I'm patient enough for it. And just imagine how people used to do it, back in the day, without die cut machines, just cutting everything by hand... wow. (The face at the top is a moose, in honor of my moose-sister... long story.)

I was thinking that I might try making paper dolls (or some variation thereon, foam? magnetic backed? felt?) for my daughter's birthday (less than a month away), but I don't think it's going to fly. But the dolls are super cute, especially the tiny little one. I'm not sure why I'm so into the idea of using a few -- it's for an older scrapbook page, Christmas 2002, and I'm kind of wanting a scrap-retro look.

Then on Saturday, after some back and forth, I went to meet my internet friend Happay, from the ScrappayDivas, and we had some scrapping and talking time. Good times... she is a creative genius! (I'm a sucker for catchphrases....) Really, though, I love especially this layout here that she did while I was over there.

As for me, I have my current cropping project, which is nice and portable and organized (more or less) and ongoing, and easy for me to take elsewhere without getting in a dither about packing stuff up. It's an album for my grandparents (and suddenly it occurs to me that they may possibly see this before I get to give it to them... but I'll take the risk -- hey any other family who may be reading, please don't point it out to them and they'll probably never know), a "glorified 3-up" as I've been calling it, because I wanted to get it done fairly quickly, and the structure of it all helps me. Plus I wanted it to be easy for me to update, so that I can send them more pics and journaling blocks every three months or so, and 4x6 makes it simple to mail, if nothing else. (I wanted to do an album with pics of all their great-grandchildren, not just my set, but that's a little beyond me for the moment. Perhaps later.) This is also much like the Unit-by-Unit challenge going on at the ScrappersChallenge yahoogroup, and Rockester's blog. See the next entry. For now I'll put in just a couple of pages that I actually did while over at Happay's place.


Here's a mosaic of the rest:
layout mosaic, 8/12/06

The Halloween and birthday pages were finished before. Obviously these all still need to be journaled. I do count these for my year's page goal, depending on how much work I have to actively do on them, either one side as a page, or the whole spread as one. Speaking of which: I'm up to 80 now! out of 120. Rock on!