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Beauty is a light in the heart...

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As a rule, I'm not all about one-photo layouts -- unless they're for a favorite photo, or a particularly meaningful one. I adore this photo of my daughter. I'll probably end up putting journaling on the back of the page, since I didn't plan things well enough to include it on the front.

I made this just this afternoon for last week's scrappaydivas challenge: using patterned paper for your entire background. (My paper was a bit flimsy so I ended up mounting the whole thing on a piece of dark brown cardstock -- it still counts, though, right? right?) It was fun, finding this perfect sheet of paper, then remembering, oh! I have some perfect trim to go with this! and then oh yeah! what about those poemstones?

I'm really still learning about what my own "style" is; I am way too easily amused and can never pick just one thing I like best.
Distressed/shabby/Rebecca Sower-ish? Lovely.
Clean/graphic/Cathy Z-ish? Awesome.
Something inbetween/retro/Ali Edwards-ish? Fabulous.
See what I mean? I figure what I really need to do is finish a lot more pages, try out a few different things, see what feels right. Not that I have to do only one kind of thing! but as it is, I have no clue.

Also, somebody from the ScrappersChallenge list I'm on mentioned this in an email about sorting through your stash:
"I encourage everyone to figure out their personal style, and then access their supplies. You will find things you have bought you will never use, pass them along... you don't really like them anyways, even it they are cute. Cute doesn't mean it will make it to your scrapbook page. It is what pulls the strings of your heart that makes it to your page. ... I have gotten rid of any items that are not my personal style and not to my scrapbooking liking. Even if they were to my personal liking. These can be different."
Very good point.

Things I like about this LO: the colors, pink & cream & brown (I'm SO into pink lately, very uncharacteristic for me); stripes; the fact that it's all from my stash, some of it purchased quite some time ago; inking for definition; getting to use those pretty ribbon trims; the rounded corners within the border.

paper: Sandylion (I think, I glued it down too soon)
cardstock: Bazill
Poemstones: Creative Imaginations
Letter stickers: Rebecca Sower, sticko
Pen: Zig Marker, EK Success
Ribbon, trim: Making Memories

Great layout. I love the colors!

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